What is IncomeBoy?

Incomeboy is a resource run by me, Ankur Aggarwal, to teach you 100% genuine and working proven tactics and strategies to create an online business and then generating a passive income.

These strategies have worked for me (i always share income proofs and also Income Reports to back my claim) and hence i will tell you exact steps to help you as well.

What is Passive income and why should I care about it?

Any income that is made by your business (either online or offline) that does not demand a lot of ongoing work from you. 

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Who is Ankur Aggarwal, and How does he know about this stuff?

I am a 26 year old guy, Digital Marketer by profession, With a B-tech Degree from N.S.I.T (Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology), Dwarka, India. YES, I am a proud Engineer :D. After that i tried my hands on Doing MBA, gave CAT got 98.3 Percentile (Imagine that while being a GEM (general, engineer and male), also gave XAT and got 99.2 percentile.

I never thought that i will become a Digital Marketer, I always thought of doing the same old stuff like my friends were doing, Get into a Good Enginnering College in India (NSIT is Ranked 12th overall in India ), become an engineer, then realizes that engineering is not for you (i know all my friends thought the same), try my hands on the CAT for MBA 

I still remember the day on my XAT result, I was on a trekking trip with my friends, I checked my scorecard, it said 99.2 percentile in XAT. Although I must have been super excited, i was just one step away from getting into the No-3 ranked best MBA college in India, but somewhere deep in my mind I always knew that the MBA was also not for me. YES, I know I have always been a confused guy, first engineering and now MBA. The baniya in me was bustling into flames and i wanted to start something of my own.

xat result ankur aggarwal 2016

My personal websites were growing like crazy (all because of my knowledge) , here are the stats of one of my website:

traffic stat 1st website

So i knew that i had to follow my passion and hence entered into building websites and creating passive income sources for myself.

Yes, i could have done my MBA and then started my own business venture, but i did not want to wait for 2 long years to do that. And hence that same day of XAT result, I decided to take my Digital marketing for full time instead of doing it for part time as a hobby.

​I always has an interest in building websites (from the first year of my college), and when you love something you are bound to be good at that. My SEO skills were unreachable, I was getting my clients ranked for very competitive keywords in just a few weeks. I was making decent money.

I took my hobby or part time thing as full time profession. Now i have clients from all over the world and i make all my money virtually. ​Me, My macbook and a good internet connection is all i need to make money, while travelling the world.

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What makes incomeboy.com different from other similar blogs?

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This is Where incomeboy comes to the rescue

I want each one of you to check and learn from my success and failures to start and profit from your business goals.

I publish income proofs and also income reports (will be added very soon) to make it as real and authentic as possible for you guys to replicate the success that i have. ​

Why are you doing this?

Let me clear the air first, Its not only about the Money or Fame. My passion for Passive income is driven by: 

  • I love to travel and by creating passive income sources I can travel and make money side by side.
  • I get to spend more time with my family and my cutest nephew (i named him Pikachu, i know he will kill me later)
  • Spend more quality time with my Girlfriend (hopefully wife in the future)
  • Learn new stuff - I love learning, As of now I am learning Guitar. I just moved on to the Intermediate batch for Learning Salsa, In the middle of being the best chef in the world :D, and many more things
  • I love to write: I am writing my first novel, so with online business i get time to work on my novel
  • I love to read: I read at least 1 book per week, my kindle is already stuffed with the book list for this year. Will try to hit 100 books mark this year. All this is possible because of my passive income sources.
  • I love Fitness - I have set a goal of having a chiseled body by the end of this year. If you also want to set this goal, i highly recommend this app by Kris Grithin and follow the exact Transformation steps. Also, watch the YouTube Channel of Guru Mann
Ankur Aggarwal

Income Proofs - The Sweet Numbers that bring a smile on my face

income proof 1
india affiliate marketing

This is just a glimpse of what I make, I have not added all the sources. Now i cannot club all the images and income sources into one page and this is why you will soon find detailed income reports including all my revenue and income sources. Some of the major ones being

  • I have many niche based websites that generate a regular monthly income.
  • I am a SEO expert so my SEO consultancy makes me a lot of revenue - I majorly take US based clients  and hence the revenue numbers are also good
  • I have Paid VIP newsletter one of my other website that gives me a decent revenue
  • Affiliate marketing makes a major chunk of my income
  • Other ways like: Paid individual consulting, Video Cources, Ebooks etc as well

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About Ankur Aggarwal

I love Dancing - Salsa (currently)

ankur aggarwal incomeboy salsa

Love Travelling

ankur aggarwal incomeboy travel

The view from Tosh, (Find out yourself where this is :D)

Ankur's Favourite

Movie -  Shawshank Redemption

Book - How to Win Friends and Influence People (Don't judge me from the book title, its a classic with a gold-mine of information)

Game - ​Call of Duty

Trying new Things

ankur aggarwal incomeboy trying new things

Ankur's 2017 Goals

  • ​Help 10,000 people to start and profit from their online business
  • Get Six pack abs with a healthy body, Check my journey here : Ankur Transformation
  • Read 100 books on my kindle
  • Grow incomeboy.com to 1 million visitors/month , Check my journey here : Click here

Hitting the Gym

ankur aggarwal incomeboy gym

Am i Too Late to start?

If you have no idea about online business idea or have not started your business idea, worry not, you are not alone and you are not late. Spend some time on my Start here to get yourself started in the simples way possible. You dont need complicated tools or a business guru to start an online business.

Apart from this amazing website, I also give valuable free and exclusive advice on ​my VIP newsletter (only for serious people who want to start an online business and make money). Join it by filling the form below (add thrive leads form)

I have spent countless hours in building this website, adding high quality, genuine and actionable content (NO get-rich-quick sheme ). I don't make false promises, but rather give working advice that actually worked for me

Here's to you 

I am so proud of each and every one of you. I will make sure i guide you in each and every step to help you generate a passive income source online.


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You can always reach me at Contact US or through [email protected] for any queries. I will be quick to reply.
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