How to Earn Money Online

30 simple and actionable ways to make money right now

how to earn money online

In the light of recent years, technology has permeated through every last ounce of fiber and morsel of the society.

It has changed the way we live, work and entertains ourselves.

The nature of the internet, quite disruptive I would say, have created exponential rate of change in the recent years.

It is true that almost everything is rapidly changing in India and we have an instant access to everything around the globe with single click of the button.

Obviously social networking mediums but still there are many who have no idea how to use this powerful technology of the internet in their favor and make money online.

If you want the harsh truth, it’s not easy to make money online but it is not difficult either. There are many options available to earn money online, the only pre-requisite is; perseverance and sheer hard work. It requires an enormous amount of effort and credibility building before you can start earning and get rich through your online income-generating ideas or activities.

In this article I will introduce to the world of jobs that can be done online to earn money without having to invest. In this article, I will cover some of the mind boggling but effective ways to earn money online.

Then worry not, this complete 6,000+ word guide is all you need to understand all about how to make money online with zero or little investment.

Making money online needs proper guidance, and through this value-filled article, I will pass on my knowledge to you.

Earnings Proof:

For people who might have a doubt on who am i to teach you how to make money online, well i have been doing this for almost 5 years now, so i know the ins and outs of almost all ways to earn online.

To give you all some background about myself, here are some earnings proof​ to prove the credibility of my claims. For obvious reasons i cannot attach all the income proofs, but i have attached enough to give you the right motivation.

Note: I have not tried all of these methods, but yes almost 80% of them. ​For the rest of 20%, they were included because i deem them to be profitable as well.

Income Proof 1

income proof 1

Income Proof 3

income proof 4

Income Proof 4

incomeproof 3

Income Proof 2

income proof 2

#1. Starting a blog

It is one of the most straightforward approaches to make money from part-time job by working from home without investment. You can make a blog, post quality substance and advertise it.

You can make a free as well as paid blog dependent upon your decision. When you make a blog you can begin procuring from it. There are number of paths through which you can profit out of your blog.

A standout amongst the most prescribed approaches to gain access to the money is by applying Adsense on your blog. You will get cash when somebody taps on the advertisement introduced on your blog.

You can likewise utilize your blo0g for the affiliate advertising or for influential promoting. Companies are more like to pay you to suggest the services or items.

start a blog

Utilizing blog you can continue gaining for the lifetime. You can make blog in light of the business, work or the item. On the off chance that you have a specific talent, it can be presented utilizing your blog.

A portion of the celebrated bloggers earning good income from home is Amit Agarwal and Harsh Agarwal.

How to make money in India through AdSense?


Advertising online is a furious pattern which is being joined by numerous sites by the owners of the website to earn some additional cash through their sites.

Fitting ads draw in potential clients which ultimately bring in cash.

Google's AdSense is a fitting example through which individuals Earn money with the assistance of commercials.

AdSense is an income sharing window for small, medium and expansive site owners.

You can put commercials for merchandise and services that are pertinent to the content of your site.

Along these lines, you can focus on the general population who every now and then visit your site. Each time somebody clicks on the ad, you will get paid a little sum. is one of the greatest AdSense earners in India, who makes money online. You can visit the site and observe the promotions displayed on his site and give it a thought.

Google AdSense is the greatest player if you need to procure cash through ads.

I have created the simplest and easiest guide on how to start a blog and profit from it, check it out by clicking the button below:

#2. Become a Freelancer

become freelancer

Freelancing is one of the best ways to make money online with zero investment, and the best part is you get paid as soon as you finish the work. 

Types of Freelancing Work you can do:

  • Web Mobile and Software Dev
  • Admin Support
  • Customer Service
  • IT and Networking
  • Translation
  • Data Science & Analytics
  • Legal
  • Accounting & Consulting
  • Engineer & Architecture
  • Graphics & Design

Below, i am explaining a couple of freelancing ways to make money that i have used in the past:

Earn Money by Building a Website?

build website

Sites are critical in the present situation of blasting digitalization. An ever increasing number of organizations are fusing sites to build their customer base and client reach.

With the assistance of a fitting site, you can come to the focused client as well as feature your services or items to the world and extend your current customers.

Website developers and designers are in enormous request attributable to this evolving pattern. Numerous organizations contract freelance website designers and developers to fabricate a site that portrays their line of business.

These freelancers have the coveted aptitudes that individual need who are keen on making a site for their business.

You can do course in web designing and web development online or from an organization (classroom based). When you have gained the required aptitudes, you can approach organizations and work out the charges and make site for them.

WorknHire, Freelancer, Upwork are a portion of the sites where individuals present job related to site development. You can visit the site and apply for the online job to earn money from home that suits you the best.

Become a Graphic Designer

graphic design

In opposition to mainstream thinking that graphic designing is restricted to sites and site related angles, graphic designing is really a piece of regular daily existence.

It is utilized as a part of everything at a few or other point.

Beyond any doubt graphic designing is utilized broadly in web outlining and web advancement; yet it is by all account not the only place it is utilized.

Anything that should be shown or exhibited, for example, bulletins, cards, leaflets and other such mediums; graphic designing is utilized to make sly outlines to make it more appealing and engaging.

Apart from that, fabricating process additionally utilize the help of graphic designing to make the fundamental diagrams of the unit that should be made.

In the event that you have mastery in the field of graphic designing you can apply for freelance jobs to make money from online work which can be finished from your home; in this way wiping out the need of going to the physical areas of the business.

In the event that you have a talent for designing and have a masterful way to deal with things, then you can enlist yourself on Worknhire and Indeed. They can offer you work proposal from which you can apply.

Remember: Your goal is to make regular and repeat customers, and that will only happen if you give them an exceptional service that makes them happy so that the next time also they book you and no one else

#3. Youtube

youtube 1

In recent years making money without investment via YouTube has become an easy task.

You can make thousands, from YouTube. All you have to do is setup your very own channel and upload quality videos on it, which are both user engaging and entertaining.

Content ought to be with the end goal that individuals appreciate watching it. YouTube will pay you for the number of views and in view of the preferences extent.

There are numerous procedures on making an engaging video to draw in more watchers so as to amplify your benefit.

For uploading the substance you have to do legitimate research and build up the video in that manner.

Numerous You Tubers make money by uploading the videos which is accepted by the YouTube users. A standout amongst the most prevalent diverts of YouTube in India is "Comedy Night with Kapil".

It gets a huge number of hit and the proprietor Kapil Sharma gets to earn huge profit through this channel. I would suggest you to watch Kapil Sharma’s show. It is entertaining and gives you a good laugh, leaving behind the stress you have been feeling the whole day.

I have created the simplest and easiest guide on how to start a blog and profit from it, check it out by clicking the button below:

#4. Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketing allows you to easily get hold of money. It gives you a chance to earn money utilizing the products of the well known sites.

The sites like Amazon, Flipkart, eBAy and numerous more pay you to endorse their items.

Amazon is the most favored approach to get income utilizing the affiliate marketing.

Regardless of whether you are from USA, India or from some other nation, profit making through this site is hassle-free.

You can earn 4%-15% on sale of various products through your link.

When you join affiliate program you will be demonstrated every one of the sites giving the affiliate link.

Join free with these subsidiary connections and earn when a site pitches the items to the client who utilized your affiliate link.

With the advent of digital world, the future of affiliate marketing is on boom.

You must consider this as a reliable source to earn money online.

affiliate marketing

I have created the simplest and easiest guide on how to make money through Affiliate Marketing , check it out by clicking the button below:

#5. Become Virtual Assistant

virtual assistant

Virtual assistant (not the JARVIS off course) are individuals who organizations (for the most part startup) or business visionaries enlist keeping in mind the end goal to outsource the workload.

They are given day by day assignments that could run from authority work to dealing with the record or chilly assembling or setting up conferences with customers.

Give them work and they will do it.

There are numerous sites on which individuals, who require virtual partners, post employments.

You can visit these sites and apply for the free online employment. You needn't bother with any accreditation or degrees for applying to these occupations. Much of the time you may need to give an eye to eye meet yet that is all there is.

This is a legitimate way to earn money online from home. You will be required to do the clients work. In return they will pay you handsome amount for the work you have done for them

#6. Tutoring


It is a standout amongst the most well known approaches to earn money online. If you are great in scholastics and have the right stuff to show understudies, you can begin by earning online teaching them the subject in which you excel.

These days, the comfort level is expanding; individuals are hunting down the tutors who can teach them at home or on the web. In this way, they get the opportunity to learn and furthermore there is no prerequisite to go out.

You will get great amount for instructing online or by home education. You ought to have capability in what you are instructing. Enlist yourself on the sites giving you the chance to earn money by teaching over the web. You will be reached by the person in need, and you can start making money.

Urbanpro is a best way to earn money online by teaching.

#7. Instagram - Influencer Marketing


Influencer marketing is the most effective way to promote your business. Organizations pay gigantic amount to the influencers.

At the point when an influencer promotes an organization's item, follower does not understand he is being sold something.

The organizations have understood this thing and utilize the influencers to get to the extensive number of groups of onlookers.

For influencer marketing, you should have large number of loyal followers. More the followers more you can make money.

You create great income from publicizing the item as an influencer.

Organizations which advertise the matter of their clients also approach the influencers and offer them percentage from the item sold and the money is given to publicize the clients business

The most inclining stage nowadays is Instagram. You can utilize this for online part time job in India.

Since the time Instagram is launched, it has picked up a tremendous prevalence and as a result of it, many organizations are currently present over this stage. They use this platform to reach large number of audience in a trouble-free manner.

You can likewise utilize Instagram for Social Media Marketing. In the event that you have large group of followers, organizations will pay you to advertise their services and items. You can charge them with money and start earning from it.

You can make use of Instagram to promote your item or service by means of InstaBusiness. It gives you the facility of sponsoring your page, in order to help you come to the focused on this large platform used by millions of people.

Utilizing the business account of Instagram you can put the mail id, contact number and even embed the connection to take the client specifically to your site.

We wrote a comprehensive guide on how to make money on instagram

#8. Online Selling

online selling

Is it accurate to say that you are searching for an approach to earn money online without investments? Selling online is a plausible choice to receive.

You can utilize different online selling platforms given keeping in mind the end goal is to sell the products online.

When you open an offline store and attempt to sell your products, the number of clients gets restricted.

On alternate, when you start selling online, your item achieves huge number of prospects and potential customers.

This expands the odds of selling the products by making great benefits.

Besides, if your item gets great reviews, the request may boost up, thus increasing the profits.

Flipkart is one such stage that helps you to sell your products online.

You can likewise turn into a dealer on Amazon, and begin earning by making immense benefits. Another advantage of selling online is that you spare the cost of leasing and dealing with the merchandise in the store.

Platforms to sell online are Amazon, eBay and many others. You can use this online platform for money earning.

How to earn money through internet using Amazon for selling physical goods?


One of the recommended approaches to procure cash online is utilizing Amazon. It is an e-commerce business stage to purchase and offer products.

You can likewise begin earning by utilizing Amazon to offer the physical products.

The most ideal approach to augment the benefit is by purchasing the remarkable and best products and things from the market or from other web based business sites, and selling them on Amazon.

Along these lines, you can earn a decent benefit out of it.

You can likewise open your own particular offering store and offers the goods and things to the extensive client database, making money online. Make a benefit by offering these items. Likewise, expanded gathering of audience implies that you will have more opportunity to offer things accessible with you.

How to make money from home using e-commerce store on Shopify?


People, who need to earn money online by doing tasks in India, can utilize Shopify stage. In this you setup your very own store, and start selling.

The most ideal approach to augment the online income is to import the items from china and begin offering it on Shopify. You can make utilization of Facebook promotions to pull in clients.

Regardless of the possibility that you have some masterful skills like handmade chocolates, crafted works, and so on utilize such online earning websites to feature your ability and offer the items.

Shopify pulls in enormous client base, and for a similar reason you will begin earning in a matter of moments. This is a store that enables you to earn money from home.

#9. Website and Domain Flipping

website flipping

This sort of work will get you a great deal of money. Many organization's or independent companies tend to purchase the site which as of now has an immense customer visits. This will get them a ton of clients within no time.

You can begin by purchasing the domain, and build a site. For this as a matter of first importance you should have the specialized learning in website development.

Subsequent to building the site, begin promoting it and get more traffic on site.

Later you can pitch the site to the individual searching for the site. Cite the value 10X to 20X more than the income you create out of it consistently.

This is a speedy approach to make money online from home.

How to make money online through buying and selling domain?


On the off chance that you are searching for the best way to earn money online, then this is a great job to earn on the web.

You should have a decent learning identified with the domain name.

Not just this, you likewise need to keep a watch and investigate the market necessity of domain names.

You can purchase the domain at much lower prize and pitch it at higher cost to the individual in need. In this way you will get a tremendous sum.

At the point when a specific organization watches out to purchase the domain but can't discover it, they are all set to pay a higher add up to get access to that name.

You can do appropriate research and look for the name that can be sold later. After keeping it for some time, you can put that up for sale, and get the desired amount of money out of it.

#10. Coding Online & Bounty Hunter (Bug fixing)


The general population, who are well informed, can start earning by taking an interest in coding rivalries. To earn online based on utilizing this strategy you should have a tight hang on coding abilities.

Presently, in the event that you are thinking about how to build up the coding aptitudes join free projects accessible on the web and begin honing your skills by regular practice.

When you are prepared, scan for the sites arranging coding rivalries and take an interest in it.

Utilize your aptitudes and apply procedures to deliver the best code and win the competition. This is the savvy method for earning online.

Through coding challenge you get a chance to test your aptitudes and work on it to get the desired outcomes. You likewise become more acquainted with where you remain in contrast with different software engineers introduced over the web.

The most critical thing to notice is that the triumphant prize sum is substantially higher when contrasted with freelance work.

Codechef is one name prevalent for internet coding challenge in the event that you need to work from home online.

How to make Money at Home as a Bounty Hunter (Bug Fixing)?

fix bugs

Have you ever longed for turning into a bounty hunter? Here's a shot for you. Without risking your life you can turn into a bug bounty hunter.

Many organizations and sites pay great sum to the general population, who has exceptional aptitudes to discover weakness in software and websites.

On the off chance that you need to earn online and have PC aptitudes alongside high interest, you can turn into the vulnerability finder.

Regardless of whether you are old or youthful getting to be bounty hunter is without bother. All you need is the brain and craving to continue adapting to new things.

One thing to be remembered is presenting the quality bugs instead of the amount. Greater quality bugs you submit more you will be paid. Moreover, you will be viewed as a trustable and solid bug finder.

With increment in the experience you will be paid progressively and the odds of picking up notoriety help up.

Put your bug finding aptitudes to test on and start making money online by doing this home based job without investment.

#11. Make Money Gaming


In 2016, the estimation of Indian gaming industry was esteemed at INR30.8 billion and is relied upon to achieve INR71 billion by year 2021.

This expansion in the benefit of gaming industry has made potential for an ever increasing number of occupations.

One of the many occupations in the gaming business is to test the games created. Individuals who are creating games require individuals to test the games and recommend changes and make headways in the game.

They employ individuals who have a skill for gaming and have indicated enormous enthusiasm for games.

Other part of the gaming business is that there are many games that are accessible online which you can play and earn money (with luck obviously). There are many games in India that you can download in your smart phone or play on the web and earn money without investment.

On the off chance, that you cherish playing games in your smart phones or PC, this online job without investment is for you. You can download games, for example, TeenPatti and poker games and begin playing and earning at the same time.

#12. Content Writing & Proof Reading

content writer

You can also make money through freelancing as Content Writer or Proof Reader.

Content Writing:

Do you have skills and can communicate? If your answer is yes, this online money making technique is for you.

You can utilize your enthusiasm for writing to procure cash out of it. This occupation is getting popular as every single site requires content to be updated on regularly.

This helps them to be in spotlight and reach the potential clients easily.

The payment per article relies on upon the length of article. For the most part, it ranges from $5 to $20. Number of sites is putting forth the outsourcing work. Few popular sites thorugh which you can get work are odesk, Fiverr and Elance.

As a freelancer you will write on subjects that your customer needs. You will get payment as pre-chosen. You should likewise guarantee that the nature of content composed must be of good quality and plagiarism free.

With experience you will begin earning more, and a portfolio will be worked with time enabling you to produce quality content in view of your related knowledge.

One thing you should remember is that you should compose the article which is client drawing in as well as catchphrase rich. This will enable the article to rank high in the Google search results. This is for the most part named as SEO copywriting. A decent SEO marketing specialist is sought after and procures more than whatever other expert article author.

Proof Reading:


The best and least complex approach to procure cash online is to go for job of proof reading.

When you look on web for proofreading jobs in India, a large number of occupations will be shown to you.

You can do editing on different topics like business, therapeutic, wellness, wellbeing, scholastic, sports and even music. You have the choice for picking your specialty.

To begin editing you should have solid establishment in English and Grammar, this will help you in finishing the work without stress.

The extensive database of customers empowers you to continue doing this work and get paid for each assignment you finish. Begin proofreading job by enlisting on a site giving this opportunity.

On effective joining, the work will be sent to you. All the data important to finish the undertaking will be given to you, and this way you will have the capacity to finish the work at your own particular comfort. You will get the installment after fruitful culmination of the undertaking.

It is safe to say that you are thinking on the most proficient method to make money from home in India? Go to or to begin gaining.

#13. Building Apps

build apps

To earn money by building up the applications is a decent way. For this you should have the computer language and know the coding.

When you build up the required sills, getting the job for building the application is a simple job.

If you want you can pursue the job of building the app online as a freelancer or as a full time job. Utilize the online platform to get work for building up the applications and make money.

You are paid by the impulsiveness of the application. When you build an application that is based on e-commerce, there are chances that you can fetch larger sum.

With skill more organizations approach you, and help you in building your portfolio. With experience organizations pay you more, which will ultimately lead to more money.

Freelancer and freelancing are well known websites, from where you can get assignments to complete and make money from home in India. Take the assignments and submit it subsequent to finishing.

#14. Digital Marketing

digital marketing

Developing digitalization has made organizations to look towards the web world. They now need to mark their presence over the net. For a similar reason they are searching for the people with expertise in digital marketing.

At the point when you search for something on web, you will probably click initial three listed items. Each organization needs to be in the main three positions, to draw in greatest clients. They enlist specialists for this work. You can work for them and promote their business on the web.

The organizations pay a tremendous cost to go ahead top position. If you have specialization in internet marketing searching the projects for online jobs without investment from home is going to benefit you. .

You can do SEO, SMO, press release, SMM and use other web promoting methods. This will build up you as an expert in digital marketing, and finally get you more work which at last means more money.

Get work from freelancer and indeed to make money quickly.

#15. Foreign Language Translator?


Many organizations in India are searching for development in foreign nations to develop their business and grow the business operations.

An ever increasing number of organizations need to tie up with foreign organizations and businesses; the main issue they face is the correspondence gap as a result of dialect obstructions.

In such cases they require the help of individuals who can interpret their dialect and pass on the message to both the parties.

This interpretation can be either verbal or non-verbal correspondence. There can be records that might need an interpretation of and disclosed to the both of organization, foreign language interpreters are expected to this.

Many foundations (government and private) offer foreign dialect courses to individuals. You can agree to accept the classes and get an accreditation for foreign dialect. You can then apply for these sorts of online jobs in India.

Best of all, these online jobs without investment is possible without moving from office to office.

Freelancer, upwork, naukri are a portion of the sites where you can discover and apply for the online job of foreign language translator.

#16. Network Marketing

network marketing

The most trustworthy approach to make money online is by network marketing. If you know any real networking company, making money online will be simple for you.

Organizations pay you to promote their items and administrations. You can make a chain of individuals, and refer them to the organization. At whatever point they make any buy you will receive a benefit in return.

Likewise, when they include more individuals under them, you will get some rate out of each buy made in your chain. This is a decent approach to earn money online. You need to do work just once, and whenever you will get money, it will be spending your energy.

The general population connected under you will do the diligent work and you will receive the benefit in return.

Upwork and clickindia gives you the opportunity to earn money online for free.

#17. Photography


When you look on Facebook or Instagram, you will discover that there are a huge number of pages on photography.

The general population working these pages are earning a great deal and taking in substantial income. This is one of the immense approaches to begin procuring on the web.

Begin by catching one of kind photographs and offer them on the web. The photo quality ought to be great and the pica ought to be unique.

There are number of sites giving you the stage for offering the photos. You can put your photograph in the display and the viewer if likes you photograph will get it. It is decent money making path.

All you need is fantastic camera and the abilities to see the world through the viewpoint of the camera. When you are flawless in this, there is no stop.

Fotolia provides you a way to sell photos online and provides you one of the ways to earn money online.

#18. Stock Trading

stock trading

In the event that you know about share market this is a suitable alternative for you. If you are interested in dealing in share market and want to make money out of it, start doing it now.

In case you are a fresher in this field begin viewing the business channels and begin reading the articles in view of stock exchanging.

You should likewise comprehend the guidelines of safe exchanging to evade any money related lose.

You have to keep a watch amid the working hours of stock trading and begin by purchasing the shares and offer them by gaining benefit.

On the off chance that the cost of share goes down, rapidly offer them or dissect the market and watch out for the market conduct.

Stock exchanging includes speculation and cash; hence, you should be mindful when exchanging. It is a hassle-free way to generate money online.

#19. Make Money From Facebook


The least difficult and most effortless approach to acquire cash online is through Facebook.

If you are the administrator of a page or group with extensive number of steadfast followers, you can essentially begin earning from it.

Numerous enormous brands and organizations get in touch with you to share their page on your group or page and they pay you good money for that.

As they understand the value of good followers over the web, they attempt to achieve the huge client base by utilizing these strategies.

You can even begin affiliate marketing on your page to earn money from home..

At the point when your follower purchases an item utilizing the link, you will receive commission in return.

Many brands additionally pay you to promote their items or administrations on your page and prescribe it to the followers.

It is watched that when an adherent is given some item by the individual or page he is tailing, he doesn't understand that he has been sold something.

Going after this idea, organizations promote themselves on pages with substantial number of adherents.


What are you waiting for? Go and make your page to begin this part time work from home utilizing your most loved web-based social networking stage: Facebook.

We wrote an extensive guide (step-by-step) format on how to make money on facebook. Check it out by clicking the button below. 

earn money online

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On the internet, there are many ways from which you can earn a handsome amount of money by doing some or the other nominal online jobs. If you are student and have no investment, then this article will guide you to earn some money while studying.

However, it would be wise to be varying of the fact that these jobs are part time and have no long term prospects and should be treated likewise.

These jobs have short term commitment period and can earn you a good amount of money till job lasts (or your interest in doing such jobs).

I believe it is my duty to advise you to look for some permanent source of income, rather than just depending on the temporary sources of earning money.

However, if you are pondering over the question, ‘how to earn money online in India without investment for students’ and if you are looking for a part-time source of income then these are the best options available for your consideration.

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